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Headquartered in Bourbon, Missouri near St. Louis, we serve clients with commercial and industrial construction both locally and nationally. Our specialty is pre-engineered metal buildings and meeting client needs with the best solutions for quality, budget, and fast completion schedules. We can erect standardized building designs multiple times in various locations, or, create a single building customized to your needs.

The distinguishing advantage is that though many of our solutions are pre-engineered to save you money, there is nothing canned about the solutions we offer. Processes are streamlined, yes, but your individual needs are met with the best custom engineering to combine cost savings, proven reliability, and creative use of inherent design flexibility to arrive at your completed building project.

Whether your needs are for one facility or several across the country, our system is the ideal solution for your commercial and/or industrial construction needs. Contact us for your project and we’ll provide a prompt response.